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About Us

SIH GENERAL TRADING LLC is a locally - owned company established in the year of 2000, by Mr. Ahmad Abdulrahim Mohammad Alzarooni and Ms. Priya Rachel Singh and as a part of establishment DR S.Rajah Cornelius who with his more than two decades of experience in Dry Chilled and Frozen foods in the GCC region is spearheading the operations.

Moving Forward

We're pioneers who every day deliver new choices that shape the foodscape and the best brands with the right mix of quality and price with the end customer and consumer as the land mark of all activities we do and in the process also ensuring the most economical experience to both our suppliers and brand partners.

Future Scope

In the sole aim of fullfilling food service demand in the region and on the market need for a quality product,we do private label as a part of food solutions support and our call center takes your direct enquiries to provide you with the best of solution, facility and distribution services in the scope of satisfying food service demand.

Our Domain

A big concern with all of us at SIH General Trading LLC is the protection of the environment .With a hectic life in the middle east and on the go breakfast becoming an increasing reality we believe in healthier choices. The best food also comes with a great packaging which is bio degradable and environment friendly.

Chairman Message

It gives me immense pride to share with you the foundation of this organisation in the face of the highly competitive market times that the UAE FMCG industry has experienced in the past decade where quality and price had been speculative and this is where we step in.


Since it’s inception in 2000, the Group has successfully managed it’s portfolio of partnerships as a food solutions provider considering the import dependence of the region with some of the best produce directly from the farm across the world cutting middle men through our own sourcing agents there by a produce with the best value for money besides that we carry and execute the larger vision of providing best of sales and distribution services to some of the upcoming new brands in the region.


Our success can be attributed to our ability to stay ahead of competition by consistently investing in people, technology and processes which reflects in what we do . We operate by guaranteeing the availability of goods, quality, efficient logistics and dedicated customer services


As an organization, our unique position is in our ability to work collaboratively with our business partners for cost efficiencies, Market execution and capitalizing on business opportunities while serving the best of products and services to the region in our pursuit of excellence.


- Singh Ratnam
Chairman, SIH General Trading LLC.

Bringing healthier food options to people,be it our food solution or our Distribution services.

Solutions Integerated HouseSIH General Trading LLC

Our Mission
  1. Ensure Food Service Demand
  2. Bridge Farm and their communities through healthier Food Options
  3. Connect Great Products through Exemplary Distribution Services

Our Vision
  1. To provide the self-sufficiency in the lower Gulf Region.
  2. Become No. 1 food Solution Provider.
  3. Favored distribution partner.

Our Strengths
  1. Comprehensive wholesales and retail distribution, Channel and Category management expertise.
  2. Market exposure to the lower gulf (24,000 retail outlets).
  3. Best warehousing, infrastructure fleet, and human resources.

Our Clients